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Cluck! The Wonders of Facebook

Rules to get by and how to break them...



I have two rules that govern my Facebook usage:

1. No talking about work (Specifics - Frustrations are allowed);
2. No talking about anything serious. (Religion, Politics, Social Issues)

My rules of my FB use are proponent to my way of de-stressing. Steering clear of "hot topics" and keeping to the mundane helps alleviate the pain in my work life. (And believe me, at the end of the day I just want to claw Excel's eyes out and chuck my computer in the trash bin. Then I think about salary deduction and I stop myself). You can call it a desperate attempt of keeping my work and life balanced.

For a minimum of twelve hours a day all I talk and breathe about are key performance metrics, Knowledge, skills and attitudes, behavioral indicators, outliers, compliance, initiatives, return of investments, rate of alignment, curriculums, agenda, and budget proposals. All reports need to be done yesterday, end of day, end of week, end of month, quarterly. You name it and we create about 4 reports for the same stuff. (Yes! Talk about redundancy, but that’s another post).

Watching inane youtube videos, commenting on non-nonsensical posts, tagging photos, helping in planning drinking sprees, shouting to the world and letting them know I have an unhealthy obsession over Adam Lambert. Those are factors that keep me online and going.

I never, ever, take anything seriously.

So what changed?

I just broke rule number two.

There was a lovely discourse on my sister’s page about the RH bill (Reproductive Health for those of you who don’t care). Since she is a very firm advocate and one of the creator/educator about this policy I have heard a lot about it. I try and tune it out during family gatherings. She doesn’t know ‘coz I’ve perfected the look of banal interest while thinking if Adam Lambert would ever have a concert with Lady Gaga and how much the ticket would be. (And where I’ll get the money of course) I’ve read the posts, snickering and thinking what a loser for talking about work in FB, and have shaken my head a time of two over the passion and convictions I see from comments. Then I came to these posts. Lovely, lengthy discussions and sharing of opinions about the policy. Without stopping to think I waded in. With a quip and my sartorial wit I started to write. (And it was the longest I’ve ever done. I was surprised it turned into a paragraph). After the post I felt good that for once I had a post that actually made sense. (To me anyway) I was actually proud.

Then the unthinkable happened (again, for me anyway). Someone actually commented on my comment. Ahuhuhuhu… I was at a lost. I found myself grappling for words thinking if I should continue the fight (Yes! After two posts? Go cha!) Or should I just ignore it. Then I thought what the heck? You only live once. Go for it! I edited, I paraphrased, I proof-read. And then clicked the submit button.

After much agony I read back what I wrote. And it was a revelation…

I buckled under the pressure and placated ruffled feathers. And with positive scripting no less.

Crappola! I am a chicken in Facebook. Cluck! Cluck! Cluck! I will never be tempted again.

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Shocking the Masses?


Really? They were shocked by Glambert's performance during the AMA? Why? What were they expecting in the first place?

So he shoved someone face up on his crotch, simulated fellatio and kissed on stage. Is this really something new in American television? Shesh... I would expect him to be stoned here, but not there. Entertainers have been doing that for years. Haven't they seen all the "shock me" performances these past few years? The Jackson nipple just to name one and not to forget the Britney-Madonna-Aguillera threesome. So what?

Oh right, it was all women. I keep forgetting that one little detail.

Oh well. The album's great if anyone cares about the music. Enjoy.

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Watched THIS IS IT the other day in Eastwood. Had to stop my tear jerking moments of sentimentality to fully appreciate the docufilm. It was simple and nicely made. Kudos to Kenny Ortega for concentrating on Michael Jackson the artist rather than Michael Jackson the sensation. It had me admiring his grace and form at 50. He can still move with the best of them. His dance moves and style are still trademarked his. I was kinda weirded out that he wasn’t singing, but it was established that he was saving his voice. Although there were moments that he couldn’t seem to help himself and belted out some songs. It’s a total shame. He rested his voice only to end up dead. Look at life’s little ironies. I exited the movie house wanting to shoot the doctor who gave him the shot that killed him. It would have been an amazing concert.

I highly recommend everyone to watch this.

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Stormy Days Almost Done

Wow! It's been forever since I found a muse to inspire me to write. I've been hit by the phenom called Facebook. I just haven't enjoyed it as much as other people have though. Maybe I just don't have that much to say. Oh well…

So, for the past 2 weeks I have been running on prayers and pure adrenaline. My sister Joy finally had her open heart surgery and I am happy to report that it was a resounding success. We owe her life to God and Dr. Rommel Cariño and his team of outstanding surgeons. He really deserves his moniker of Miracle Doctor. He really is. And he is a nice person too. Totally down to earth and personable. The whole family pray that he will continue to be blessed and help more people. The world is a better place with him in it. Thanks Doc!

Here are some pics when we were in PHC.

Me and Sister Joy

Faith and Joy showing off the battle scars

Papa and Mama... very happy it's almost over

Our devoted Mom... the best ever!

On my sister’s day of discharge from Phil Heart Center, Ondoy hit the city with a vengeance. My other sister Faith just moved in to their new house around 3 months ago and guess where it is? Uhuh, Cainta. So that Saturday will forever be etched in our memory. It was the very first time that we experienced that inside the house. Water was up to the shoulders and everything… as in everything was floating and wet. We weren’t able to discharge my sis Joy too. We couldn’t leave the hospital with her. Although my brother-in-law (who I fondly call Papa) and I did go home to Pasig that night to check on the kids. I’ll never forget how The Floodway looked like when I saw it. Videos of white water rapid rafting was running through my head. The current was that strong. The bridge was shaking. Totally awesome and scary at the same time. Thanks goodness it didn’t break. We would have been flooded in Pasig too if that happened. My brother in Paranaque was not spared too. Water was almost to the roof. Although it did subside quicker than in other places. Good thing nobody was hurt. We were all wet, but safe. Thank God for miracles.

With all of these challenges happening in our lives, I just have to say that this is also a time for giving thanks. So allow me this very cheesy but heartfelt entry.

Thank you to the folks who attended the benefit concert for my sister. Thanks to Kuya Mike for helping organize the successful event. Thank you to Kuya Jarius for helping us get aide from senators and congressmen and women. Thank you to my friend Carlos who helped us get the much needed medical aide from PCSO. Thanks to the Lopez Group for giving assistance to my other sister when they needed it during Ondoy. Thanks to our friends who were our sounding board, our drinking buddies and shoulders to cry on during these trying time. And lastly thank you God for giving me the greatest family who all stood by each other, weathered the storms literally and figuratively, and supported each other emotionally and spiritually through all these. I feel so blessed to be counted as one of them.

Now the country is waiting for Pepeng. Last I heard the storm has diverted in it’s path and we’ll not be hit as badly as Ondoy. I hope so. People are still reeling from Ondoy and still trying to make head and tails of all the commotion. The last thing we need is another storm. I think the only good thing I can say about all of these is the amount of uncommon heroes we have been hearing about on the news. Celebrities and common folks have all done their part to contribute to the rescue and relief efforts. It warms the heart to be a Filipino right now. Let’s hope this warm gooey feeling continues.

On a lighter note, I am giving myself some “me” time during this wet and windy Saturday. Went to the new SM Center on our block to check it out and promptly rode another bus to go back to the comforts of SM Southmall. Hahaha! Had to buy a gift for my fave nephew’s birthday. (I can feel Moncy’s glare behind me while writing this. Running through his head: “Why not me?”) Had my first experience with the GCASH thing too. I discovered ebooks through ebay and Via has been helping me in ordering and all. I am now the proud owner of all my guilty pleasures in electronic form. I love technology. Although I miss the smell of books. But I will also soon be a proud owner of the Kindle DX. My sister’s sister-in-law loves me and will buy me one for Christmas. (Channeling Ate Glenda: MUST BUY CHA KINDLE)

Hi Santa... 2 more months to go...

And here’s a visual on my storm companions for the day:

A laptop, one Stephanie Meyer, Lucky Me and yosi. You can’t beat ‘em.

Happy weekend everyone.

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A JOYful Celebration of LIFE

May 22, 70's Bistro in Anonas QC. 7PM.

Haven’t been here for a while. Been amazingly busy. Lots of things occupying the mind and soul.

First off, my sis got hospitalized a few weeks back and was told she has to undergo open heart surgery this year to replace two of her valves with metal tubes and fix another one since it’s leaking. So the family is rallying to make sure it happens.

We’re organizing a benefit concert for my sis to raise moolah for her Open Heart surgery. It’s on May 22, 2009 at 70’s Bistro in Anonas QC. 7pm. Show Title is “A JOYful Celebration of LIFE”.


If anybody knows peeps\bands\talents who would love give their precious time to perform for a good cause, please text, email or just holler. We’ll be forever grateful.

Note: Gonna start peddling tickets soon friends. Thanks in advance. =)

On a serious side note, my sis was about ready to discharge herself when we were in the ER of Heart Center. We spent 2 days there and she was ready to give up at that point due to all the stress you’ll see in the ER of PHC. Overnight, we saw four patients die. It’ll really mess you up. And the stories you hear and observe. Gawd. Parang Pinoy telenovela na live. Don’t ask to be given a bed in PHC’s ER, ‘coz that means you’re really in bad shape. The ones who can still breathe on their own are just asked to be seated. Yes, even if you’re staying there over-night and there’ an IV stuck in your arm. That’s how depressing it is. I never wanna be sick again.

On a lighter note, my obsession with American Idol continues. Grabe, nasa ER kami ng Heart Center ng 2 days waiting for a room to be available for my sis. (Uber ang pila dun ha) Eh Wednesday na yung second day… ayun, nang-harass kami ng brother-in-law ko and other sis ko para mabigyan lang ng room. Kasi sakto pag-admit naming sa room, 6PM na… AI na. Good thing my sis’ doctor has clout. Hahaha!

The Rat Pack

I am sooo in love with Adam Lambert. I still heart Gokey. But the fag hag in me is calling for Adam to win the whole thing. I bet top 3 will be Adam, Gokey and Kris. Go Adam!

Anyhoo, that’s basically it. Spent the holy week with family and friends in Nueva Ecija. Tong-its, Videoke and booze present. We all needed to de-stress after all that tension. And we needed to be surrounded by peeps who love and support us no matter what. I love my family.

Thanks all!

Now I’m just waiting for Bookie’s TOP TEN.

Take note of the date when he posted this.

Ang tagal ha…

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Early (Almost) Fearless Forecast

I know... I know... It's that time of the year again...

Here are my early bets to be judge and audience faves:

Matt Giraud - The Duelling Pianist

Alexis Grace - The Cute Mom

Adam Lambert - The Broadway Hottie

And who can forget sweetie Danny Gokey.


Lordie... addiction season.

I'm back.

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Scratch Me, Bite Me, Suck Me

I read the whole freakin’ thing. Hahaha! When Marl, Leandro and I watched this:


Marl was making snide… ehem… side comments about Over-Acting 101 and Leandro kept on shaking his head muttering: “I don’t get it. I don’t get it.” (This due to girls squealing whenever Robert Pattinson’s face was projected on the big screen)

It was all a bit too cheesy so I really couldn’t believe that it can be that much of a hit book-wise. So I grabbed Kolai’s copy of Twilight when I went to Cebu. Figured I’ll do some light reading to help me sleep.

I read it twice.

Well, when I got back Aubrey was reading New Moon. As soon as she finished, she handed it over. Same for Eclipse. And then finally, Breaking Dawn.


I cannot believe I got snagged by these books. I have never fallen this hard since the Lord of the Rings series… and the Harry Potter series. And then there was Artemis Fowl. Ohhh… and Chronicles of Narnia! So, I guess I do have a pattern. Hahaha! But I also went through a Robert Ludlum Bourne phase and The Godfather. So I guess I’m not a lost cause. I just love sagas.

I cannot wait for the next movie. Let us hope that Bella finally learns how to act. Edward finally knows how to control his “smoldering” gaze. And let’s hope the special effects are finally polished. A small tip: Glittering like diamonds is not shimmering like you got a summer spray tan.

Oh, and gurls, we can all look forward to Jacob Black’s six pack! Get a preview here:

Interview here.

And critics all around are asking why not cast Steven Strait as the bigger and older Jacob?


Why not indeed?

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Too Sweet

Let's hit the beach!

Time to kill while waiting for Leandro (attempting) to finish his self evaluation. I got done a couple of days ago and I had some angst-y moment. You can feel it in the sentence construction. Oh well… as I’ve stated, time to kill so might as well update.

I finally figured out why people love to stay in Sophia Suites when traveling on business to Cebu. I had unit 703 all to myself. Three big bedrooms I can loll around in, a full working kitchen, a dining room and a huge living room. Had dinner/bonding moment with the Trainers. And JV of course.


Went to the Sinulog Festival for the fist time. And to think half of me came from Cebu. Shame on you Cha! Oh well… had fun with my Jet of course.


Valentine ’s Day is fast approaching. Good thing it’s preceded by Friday the 13th, so I can be a (B)witch all I want and it can be excused. I think this celebration is so focused on consumerism heightened by the multinational capitalist that pepper our society. They want couples to part with their hard earned moolah for a day of smooching and sweet nothings. What we do for love… Bah-humbug!

Don’t mind me. If I can abhor a month it’s definitely gonna be February. (Is there such a thing?) It’s too short and it’s too sweet. Ugh!

Can't wait for March. Summer is always a very legitimate excuse to hit the beach. I'll convince Leandro to abandon basking in the afterglow of love with his new lass for a while and come on a jaunt again. Wachatink?

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And I'm getting it...




Thanks Adam!!! See you in a few weeks!

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Wish List Check

December approached and my usual sickness rolled in. Been feeling like crap for the past week. Was too chicken to go to the doc because I always get confined during December. But had no choice and had to be rushed to the ER yesterday. Turned out I have a pretty banged up lung. So, I have to rest and take time off the smokes. Oh well, at least I wasn’t confined. And I really should quit smoking anyways. I should. The would part is the hard one.

Got one item in my wish list a couple of weeks ago. I had my first tattoo. It was a radical experience. Didn’t really think I had the guts to go through with it. But when it came down to it, I was more determined than scared. Although it did hurt like hell. Leandro had a fun time snickering in the background. I’ll be sure to reciprocate the sentiment when his time comes to go under. Hah! If he ever develops the stomach to really go through with it.

Chicken moment

No turning back. Ouch!

Totally worth it!

Gonna get the bigger one early next year. Hopefully I’ll get the design I want. If not, I’ll stick with the one Chocha suggested a couple of years ago. It would be at least 5 times bigger than the one I have right now. Oh well, I’ll ask for general anesthesia next time.

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